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Better Solutions for Shipping and Order Fulfillment
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Mail Order Product Fulfillment  ecommerce fulfillment, mail order fulfillment, medical package, shipping fulfillment, package bags

Watch this side-by-side comparison video to see a packing station transform to double the throughput for a single operator.

From integrated and customizable pick and pack fulfillment systems using the Autobag® AB 255 OneStep™, to the portable, tabletop PaceSetter PS 125™ Baggers, we have flexible and efficient bag packaging systems to streamline your shipping and mailing fulfillment operations. Packing stations become easier, more efficient and more economical by implementing these systems.

Our packaging fulfillment systems are ideal for ecommerce fulfillment, pharmaceutical fulfillment and catalog product fulfillment.


ecommerce fulfillment, mail order fufillment, pharmacy packaging, pick and pack fulfillment, product fulfillment   

Autobag® AB 255 & AB 180 OneStep™ Baggers Video

 Technical Data Sheet

        Autobag® PaceSetter PS 125™ Tabletop Baggers Video

 Technical Data Sheet

    pharmaceutical packaging, medical package, shipping fulfillment, mailing fulfillment, fulfillment systems, void-fill and protective packaging

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Pharmacy Fulfillment and Pharmaceutical Packaging 
pharmacy fulfillment and pharmaceutical packaging, medical package  

"Consumers are ordering a wide range of vitamins and supplements through mail order. Interest is driven in part by the ease of ordering over the Internet. While most companies still manually box products for shipment using the ever-popular popcorn to cushion goods, some are looking for other means to protect and fulfill orders." Read the entire article from Pharmaceutical & Medical News' October 2008 issue.


The ScriptPack Lite™ System utilizes the PS 125 OneStep™ tabletop bagger. This compact and affordable pharmacy fulfillment packaging system operates at speeds up to 200 packages per hour. The system features print and fold functionality that queues four orders ahead, and pushes those orders out to the operator for loading. A 3-point validation process (insert, product and shipping label) ensures order accuracy. Shipping labels are printed directly on the next bag to be loaded, eliminating the need for a separate labeling operation.

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Void-fill and Protective Packaging  void-fill and protective packaging, void fill packing material, void fill air pillows

Our AirPouch® Express 3 void-fill and protective packaging systems offer clean, cost-effective packing solutions. These portable, all electric systems are user-friendly, fast and convenient, and eliminate the need to store large, bulky materials.

Operating at speeds over 50 feet per minute in semi- or fully- automatic modes, the AirPouch Express 3 creates continuous strips of air pillows that are ideal for all protective packing applications.void-fill and protective packaging, void fill packing material, void fill air pillows

The system uses EarthAware™ biodegradable (EGDC) and recycled material (RGT) for strong, durable pillows that improve protection while reducing packing and shipping costs yet, are environmentally friendly.

 Express 3 Data Sheet
 EarthAware Data Sheet


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Mailbag Materials  mail order fulfillment packaging, shipping fulfillment, mailing fulfillment, packaging bags

OF3 mailbag film is specifically engineered for order fulfillment applications. This 3-layer co-extruded film is made from a unique blend of resins that offer superior sealing, strength and security and is ideal for both direct thermal transfer imprinting and adhesive label applications.

Special features:

  • Exclusive ProGap™ technology that guarantees reliable and consistent bag openings
  • Unique perf design enables a wider, more circular bag opening for easier product loading
  • Standard heavy duty, reinforced side seals protect against splitting
  • Easy-open perforations and two-way tape for merchandise returns available
  • EarthAware™ biodegradable OF3 available
 OF3 Technical Data Sheet
 EOF3 Biodegradable Technical Data Sheet


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