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Automated Packaging Systems manufactures a comprehensive line of baggers and bagging equipment for hand load, semi-automatic and fully-automatic bag packaging. The company invented the original Autobag® bagging systems and pre-opened polybag bags-on-a-roll for over 50 years ago.

Today, Automated Packaging Systems utilizes advanced technology and innovative engineering designs to lead the industry with high productivity solutions for baggers, void-fill systems, imprinters, infeeds and custom engineered packaging solutions.
The APS range provides the next step up from traditional bag sealing and heat sealer operations by using packing machines to increase throughput, reduce labor and increase overall profitability.

Some of our newest Autobag® and SidePouch® packaging systems include:


AB 180 Photo - High speed, automated bagging machine

Autobag® AB 180™ Bagger

High speed, automated bagging system

This high speed bagging system is engineered for high productivity, automated packaging operations using Autobag bag-on-a-roll materials. The small footprint and versatile design make it ideal for a wide range of poly bag packaging applications. The AB 180 integrates with Autobag and third-party infeeds for semi- to fully-automatic packaging.
  • Packages at speeds up to 80 bags per minute
  • State-of-the-art operator controls and modular components for optimum productivity
  • Combine with an AutoLabel™ inline imprinter for a complete Print-n-Pack™ system

AB 145 Photo - Hand load, semi-automatic bag packaging system

Autobag® AB 145™ Bagger

Hand load, semi-automatic packaging system

This entry-level, semi-automatic bagging system is designed for maximum efficiency in hand load bagging operations. This bagger is ideal for high productivity poly bag packaging applications where counters, scales and other infeeds are not required.
  • Packages at speeds up to 45 bags per minute
  • Increases productivity for semi-automatic bag packaging operations
  • Quick to set-up, easy to operate, reliable and fast

 AB 255 Wide Photo - High speed wide bag machine for large bag capacity

Autobag® AB 255™ Wide Bagger

Ideal for large bag packaging requirements

This versatile, high speed bagging system is designed for large bag applications. Replace manual packaging of large components with automated, wide bag packaging capacity. New state-of-the-art technology enables fast job set-up for rapid recall and changeovers.
  • Operates at bagging speeds up to 55 bags per minute.
  • Offers bag sizes up to 16" W x 26" L in a variety of system-matched bag-on-a-roll materials. 
  • Integrates with Autobag infeeds and AutoLabel inline imprinters for semi- to fully- automatic packaging.

 AB 255 Hor. Photo - Large horizontal configured automatic bagger

Autobag® AB 255™ Wide Horizontal Bagger

Large bag packaging with horizontal configuration

This bagging system accommodates wide poly bags in a horizontal position for high speed packaging of large and uniquely shaped products.
  • Operates at speeds up to 55 bags per minute
  • Horizontal configuration is ideal for applications requiring assembly, inspection or special product orientation
  • Integrates with Autobag infeeds and AutoLabel inline imprinters for semi- to fully- automatic bag packaging

 AB 180 OneStep - Easy setup poly bagging machine with label printer

Autobag® AB 180 OneStep™

Flexible packaging system for short-run packaging applications

This bagging system includes the AB 180 Bagger with integral AutoLabel™ Printer and is designed for high speed operation and fast changeovers using genuine Autobag bag-on-a-roll materials. Easy job set-up and versatile configurations make this system highly efficient for order fulfillment and short-run poly bag packaging operations.
  • Prints graphics, text and bar code labels on the next bag to be loaded, eliminating bag waste and product queuing
  • AutoTouch™ Control Screen provides easy access to job storage and recall for rapid changeovers
  • Bag sizes up to 11" W x 25" L in a variety of system-matched bagging materials, including USPS approved mailbag film

 AB 255 OneStep - Wide bag packing system for mail order fulfillment

Autobag® AB 255 OneStep™

Wide bag capability for mail order fulfillment or short-run applications

The perfect packaging system for print and pack mail order fulfillment. The integrated AutoLabel™ printer and touch screen controls streamline bag packaging operations. Flexible system design is available in horizontal or vertical configurations.
  • Prints multiple label formats on the next bag to be loaded, increasing accuracy and efficiency
  • Can be integrated with customer and shipping databases for 1:1 order fulfillment and shipping
  • Bag sizes up to 16" W x 27" L in a variety of system-matched bagging materials, including USPS approved mailbag film

 SPrint Sidepouch - Retail bag packaging machine with special closures

SPrint SidePouch® Bagger

High productivity packaging system with special bag closures

This high speed packaging system has a unique design that positions multiple pre-opened poly bags for simultaneous hand load or fully automatic operations. The system stores settings for up to 50 jobs.  Ideal for retail packaging.
  • Operates at speeds up to 120 bags per minute in continuous mode
  • 30" or 60" load area accommodates one or more operators or automatic infeed systems
  • Offers special bag features, such as reclosable zippers, resealable flaps, reinforced headers and more

FAS SPrint Revolution -  Fresh and frozen food Automatic bagger and sealer

FAS SPrint Revolution™ SidePouch® Bagging System

Transforming food packaging flexibility, performance and productivity

Specifically designed for fresh and frozen food packaging applications, this high speed bagging system has a wide loading area of multiple, pre-opened bags for hand load or fully automatic operations. Many bag sizes and styles available.
  • USDA accepted system is engineered for high-productivity environments that require daily washdown procedures
  • 60" load area features a 6" pass-through and tilts vertically for easy maintenance and sanitation
  • Advanced sealing system ensures consistent, high-quality, airtight bag seals
  • Automatic bag sealing and special bag features, such as reclosable zippers, easy- open perforations and more

PS 125 Tabletop - Tabletop hand load bagging machine

Autobag® PaceSetter PS 125™ Tabletop Baggers

The Ultimate in hand load packaging systems

Available with or without and integrated imprinter, these baggers offer innovative engineering in a simple, tabletop design and are specifically designed for low- to mid-volume packaging operations. The quiet, all-electric design does not require compressed air to run.
  • Push-to-Seal™, footswitch or automatic cycling at speeds up to 25 bags per minute
  • Unique, locking turntable combines with the AutoThread™ feature to provide ergonomic handling and changeover
  • PS 125 OneStep™ prints graphics, text and bar code labels directly on the next bag to be loaded, eliminating bag waste and product queuing

PaceSetter - Low volume portable tabletop poly bagging machine



Autobag® PaceSetter™

Cost-effective alternative for low volume bag packaging

This portable bagger features ease of use and versatility for low volume bagging operations.
  • Tabletop, all-electric design is easy to set-up and operate
  • Pre-opened bags are automatically indexed and ready for loading
  • Fast, simple bag changeover

AB255 Mail OrderOneStep - 

Mail order fulfillment wide bag packaging system

Autobag® 850S™ Mail Order Fulfillment System

Widest, newest and most technologically-advanced system for mail order fulfillment bagging

This uniquely designed wide bagging system provides enhanced packaging productivity for mail order fulfillment applications.  Capable of running bags up to 22” wide, this system is ideal for packing medium to large products.
  • Breakthrough bag opening technology that securely grips and holds the open bag in place
  • Easy loading of single or multi-line orders in a square opening up to 11” x 11”
  • AutoTouch™ Control Screen accesses operator tutorials, help system, on-board diagnostics, data retrieval, and performance monitoring

Autofulfillmentâ„¢ SPrintâ„¢ System - Automatic high volume mail fulfillment 



Autofulfillment™ SPrint™ System

Custom system automatically labels, verifies and seals for fast and accurate order fulfillment

The Autofulfillment™ SPrint™ System is uniquely engineered to bring automation, speed and flexibility to high-volume mail order fulfillment applications. It is designed with advanced integration technology from Accutech Packaging and innovative product engineering from Automated Packaging Systems.
  • Automates the order fulfillment process to increase productivity and reduce costs
  • Modular and customizable components provide for flexible configurations and expansion for growth
  • Multi-point verification ensures accuracy in single or multiple item orders

Script Pack SPrint - Pharmacy order fulfillment bag packaging machine

Script Pack™ SPrint™ System

Provides high-speed, reliably accurate bag packaging for custom automated pharmacy order fulfillment

The Script Pack SPrint is specifically engineered to fully automate mid- to high volume pharmacy fulfillment operations using automatic scanning, printing, labeling, loading and sealing. It is designed with advanced integration technology from R/X Automation Solutions and innovative product engineering from Automated Packaging Systems.

  • Fail-safe reject modes divert short or mismatched orders inline, so system can continue to process good orders
  • Automates the fulfillment process to increase productivity, reduce costs, and avert human error
  • Multi-layer verification processes ensure the accuracy of the orders being shipped


Towel - Wide towel inspection and packaging system

Ergocon Towel Inspection and Packaging System with the Autobag®
AB 255™ Wide Bagger

High productivity packaging for industrial laundry applications

This bagging system is designed for packaging shop towels, bar towels and bulk gloves. The semi-automatic packaging system includes counting, bag filling, bag sealing, and takeaway.
  • Packages up to 7,000 towels per operator hour
  • Consistent performance and production
  • Labor savings



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