Films by Type

Automated Packaging Systems manufactures pre-opened poly bags in a wide range of film types for virtually any bag packaging application. Different poly bag materials are used for their unique characteristics, including clarity, strength, opacity, barrier properties, printability, puncture resistance, and other industry specifications. Some material types include films for mail order bags, Mil spec bags, UV resistant bags, anti-static bags and much more. With a variety of unique material solutions, you can select the best option for your custom packaging applications.

Standard Polyethylene-Based Films

Linear Low Density Polyethylene - Offers superior strength and durability

Our enhanced linear, low-density bag-on-a-roll material is ideal for applications requiring superior durability and strength. 

  • Excellent bag strength, durability, easily processed
  • Ideal for packaging hardware, automotive parts, food, craft items, medical devices, electronic components, and other retail applications
  • Available in clear through opaque combinations and in a wide range of plain and custom printed bag configurations

Material Data Sheets: 
DuraClear 2000™ Clear (DC2) 
DuraClear 2000™ SpecGrade™ Clear (DC21) 


Low Density Polyethylene - The industry standard for strength and flexibility

These low density polyethylene materials are available in bag configurations of many sizes and colors, including clear, opaque and combination bags. 

  • Ideal for a wide variety of packaging applications, including retail packaging, hardware, fasteners, automotive parts, crafts, medical, frozen foods and mail order and ecommerce fulfillment
  • Durable, versatile and cost-effective with excellent printing characteristics

Material Data Sheets: 
Clear (CLE) 
Black Opaque Low Density (BLK) 
Clear with EVA Additive for Pliability in Extreme Cold (CEV1) 
Laminate Low Density (PEPE) 

Specialty Polyethylene-Based Films

High Density Co-ex Blend Polyethylene Film - Additive-free bag material with good clarity

High density polyethylene film uses a rich blend of resins that are free of slip agents and other additives that can cause undesirable reactions with bag contents. 

Ideal for packaging medical, food, sporting goods and other applications where chemical additives may react with the product inside.    

  • Reduced chemical additives, scratch-resistance, and good permeability
  • Available in Autobag® bags-on-a-roll and SidePouch® bags in a box

Material Data Sheet:
PolyClean Clear (PLC1)


Scratch Resistant Film - Ideal for packaging products with high-gloss finishes or surfaces sensitive to abrasion

  • Low density polyethylene film contains no anti-block additives, which are used to keep bags from sticking together, but can cause minor surface chafing to the packaged product
  • Instead, a unique embossing technique creates a durable yet pliable bag that doesn't scratch delicate surfaces

Material Data Sheet:
Scratch Resistant (NSCR) 


Rust-resistant Film - Protects ferrous metals, such as steel and iron, from rust and corrosion

  • Contains volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) that generates an invisible layer of corrosion protection on the ferrous metal itself, protecting it from rusting inside the package
  • Prevents low levels of moisture from reaching the ferrous metal
  • Contains a very low moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR), preventing moisture from reaching the bagged products
  • Does not alter the electrical or mechanical properties of the bagged product

Material Data Sheet: 
Rust-resistant (CVCI) 


Static Dissipative Film - Linear low density polyethylene film with a special additive prevents static build-up and protects packaged products from static discharge

  • Designed for packaging of non-ESD, static-sensitive electrical and electronic components
  • Amine-free, and polycarbonate and silver solder compatible

Material Data Sheets: 
Clear Static Dissipative (APST) 

Polypropylene Films

Polypropylene Film - Excellent clarity and strength for retail bag packaging

Polypropylene Retail Film is the best choice where bag clarity is the primary performance requirement. This high-strength, multi-layer film offers low haze properties and high Oxygen Transfer Rates (OTR) that resists odor seepage. 

  • Ideal for foods, pet supplies, crafts and other retail packaging
  • Best bag clarity, good seal strength, and resists odor transfer

Material Data Sheet:
High Clarity Retail (PPRF)

Barrier Films

Barrier/Co-extruded Films - Specially designed for resistance from aroma, gases, flavors and solvents

These co-extruded films are manufactured with multiple materials in multiple layers and offer various degrees of permeability that can affect the contents inside the bag. 

  • Engineered for a variety of fresh and frozen foods, pet foods, waterproof, greaseproof, odor-resistant, and military bagging applications
  • High strength material resists tears and punctures and provides unique barrier properties

Material Data Sheet:
Co-extruded, High Barrier, Clear (CBAR) 
Co-extruded, White, Military Spec (MLT1) 
Matte Finish Polyester Laminated to Linear Low-Density (MPCL)  
Polyester Laminated to High Barrier, Coextruded (PBAR) 
Polyester Laminated to Linear Low Density (PTCL)  
5-layer, Tear-resistant, Clear Nylon (NYLN LifeX™)

eCommerce Films

Mailbag Film for Order Fulfillment - Specifically engineered for ecommerce order fulfillment applications

Co-extruded film with a white opaque, matte exterior finish that is ideal for both direct thermal transfer imprinting and adhesive label applications in the mail order and ecommerce fulfillment market.

  • Applications include mail order and ecommerce fulfillment, prescription-by-mail fulfillment, catalog order fulfillment, spare parts distribution, and short-run production with frequent changeovers in any market

Material Data Sheet:
White Opaque, Co-ex, for Order Fulfillment (OFM) 
Recycled eCommerce Mailer (REM)

EarthAware & Recycled Materials

EarthAware® Environmentally Friendly Film for Eco-friendly Packaging - Recycled film offers a more environmentally responsible packaging option

Recycled bags are made with pre-consumer recycled bag material and are ideal for applications where color consistency is a secondary performance requirement. 

  • Ideal for all applications that require a cost-effective, eco-friendly solution
  • Affordable alternative to PLAs, material performance and shelf life remain intact

Material Data Sheet:
Recycled Gray (GRY1) 
Recycled Green (RGT)
Recycled eCommerce Mailer (REM)
AirPouch Environmental Flyer

Standard and Specialty Food Films

Standard Food Films - Engineered for each unique food application

  • Good clarity, flexibility, and strength

Material Data Sheets: 
Clear (CLE) 
DuraClear 2000™ Clear (DC2) 
High Clarity Retail (PPRF) 


Specialty Food Films, Nylon - Co-extruded material with excellent barrier properties

  • Low oxygen transmission rate (OTR) and moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR)

Material Data Sheets: 
Co-extruded, High Barrier, Clear (CBAR) 
High Strength Nylon Co-extruded Cook-in (COOK) 
5-layer, Tear-resistant, Clear Nylon (NYLN LifeX™)


Specialty Food Films, Anti-Fog - Low density polyethylene film that incorporates a special additive to reduce the film's surface tension

  • When condensation forms within the bag, AFOG material does not allow moisture to form into water droplets. Droplets make the bag appear foggy and can obscure the view of the product inside, distracting from its visual appeal
  • Instead, the moisture is spread into a thin sheet, which allows the bagged contents to remain visible
  • Good clarity and prints well inline when date/lot codes or other variable data is required

Material Data Sheet: 
Anti-Fog Low Density (AFOG)

Stand-up Pouch

Stand-Up Pouch - Polyester laminated to linear low density polyethylene, designed to run on the FAS SPrint Revolution™ bagging system

Stand-up pouches are available in a variety of sizes with gussets ranging from 2" to 8" in 1" increments, and materials provide excellent stiffness and gloss for maximum brand impact.

  •  Applications include food (fresh and frozen), medical and a variety of industrial products

Standard Materials: 
Laminated stand-up pouch with excellent stiffness and gloss for maximum brand impact.  Featuring a proprietary LLDPE/LDPE resin blend as the sealant layer, which is laminated to 48-gauge polyester. Typical applications include food (fresh and frozen), medical and a variety of industrial products.

Matte Finish Materials:
Matte finish materials feature a proprietary sealant layer which is laminated to a matte finish, 48-gauge polyester layer, creating a unique look and chic, modern feel for product differentiation.

Sustainable Materials:
A more sustainable value option features our completely polyethylene-based laminate material, utilizing proprietary blends of polyethylene resins to improve recyclability. NOTE: Recyclable via store drop-off. Sealed Air has determined that this material is RIC#4 and suitable for recycling via store drop off locations. Check for locations near you.

Barrier Material:
Our barrier stand-up pouch material that boasts a 9-layer Nylon with EVOH sealant layer is ideal for products that require aroma, gas, flavor and solvent containment –  or a lower oxygen transmission rate (OTR).

Material Data Sheet:
Standard Gloss Polyester Laminated to Linear Low Density Polyethylene (PTCL / PTWH)
Matte Finish Polyester Laminated to Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (MPCL / MPWH)  
High Sustainability Polyethylene Laminated to Polyethylene (SUPE / SUPW) 
Standard Gloss Polyester Laminated to High Barrier, Coextruded Film (PBAR) 
Stand-up Pouch Flyer

UV Protective Films

UV Protective Films - Protects bag contents from ultra-violet rays

Translucent and opaque materials provide high UV(a) and UV(b) protection, strength and machinability. 

  • Ideal for mail order, pharmacy fulfillment, unit dose packaging, medical and security applications. 
  • Ultra-violet protection, durability and good printing characteristics. 

Material Data Sheet: 
Translucent UV Block (AMBR)