Solution of the Month - August 2018

Solution of the Month from Automated Packaging Systems



  • Produce Wholesaler seeking a solution to supply school district with thousands of individual 2 oz. and 4 oz. fresh fruit and vegetable packs.
  • Orders are often sent with one day lead times, which must be prepared, packaged and delivered by the following morning.
  • Existing process included operators hand packing orders.
  • Largest constraints are turnaround time and capacity


  • The FAS Sprint Revolution™ SidePouch® Food Bagger was chosen for its speed, flexible design, and ability to accommodate one or more operators or infeeds.
  • Ability to run a wide variety of bag sizes and styles with changeover taking less than five minutes and requiring no re-tooling.
  • Many of the bags are custom printed and feature a horizontal easy-open perforation, so it’s effortless for the students to open.

End Result:

  • Production rates range from 80 to 120 bags per minute per bagger, depending on bag size and product being packaged.
  • Four systems can produce over 150,000 portion packs per day using eight operators per shift (two per bagger) x two shifts.
  • With increased speed and capacity, the customer is able to confidently take on large orders/contracts and pursue new business without adding headcount.
FAS Sprint Revolution Food Bagging System

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