Solution of the Month - July 2018

Solution of the Month from Automated Packaging Systems



  • Hospital Laundry Supplier looking for a solution to accelerate how they processed and packaged hospital gowns
  • Existing process used six employees to manually fold and load the gowns into each bag, which were then hand-tied shut


  • The Autobag® 800S was chosen for its openness, easy access, productivity, and its ability to accommodate a large sized bag 
  • Each 22” wide bag held 10 laundered gowns
  • An incline conveyor was incorporated to load completed bags into a cart, which was then pushed directly onto a truck for delivery

End Result:

  • Increased packaging speeds
  • Significant savings of both time and labor by reallocating four employees away from this application


Autobag 800S Commercial Laundry Packaging System

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