Are We Having Fun Yet?

Cliff BrehmLike many companies, we started with visionaries working out of a garage. Newly hired people (many colorful characters) became friends working side by side. Mischievous fun went along with long hours as the company grew. The owners could be seen riding motorcycles through the plant, and they didn’t mind if you threw them in the lake at the company picnic. At some point, all companies have to start growing up. Visionaries realize they have to stop flying by the seat of their pants – even though it brings about tighter management. Whatever it takes to get the job done gets replaced by all the serious stuff – like strategy, planning, execution, and accountability.

Where’s the fun in that?
This past decade has been an uphill climb for most businesses. We are fortunate our company continues to thrive in a difficult economy. We’re often required to work so hard to overcome obstacles to reach our destination that it feels like we neglect to have fun during the journey. Some executive leaders (uh, hem) are actually losing hair from so many concerns on their minds.

Let’s have some fun!
This was my immediate response when asked for a focus and theme for 2014. Each executive leader and department head will be challenged with promoting a fun environment as a key goal this year. Just because we have serious responsibilities, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy what we’re doing – and “just because we’re growing older, doesn’t mean we have to grow up!”

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