Sealed Air’s Commitment to Employees, Customers and Our Purpose During COVID-19

Sealed Air is committed to keeping our people safe and making sure we provide critical packaging solutions that can transport food, consumer goods, medicine and other essentials. Here's what I recently shared with Sealed Air employees around the world. 

Sealed Air team,

There’s no other way to say it – the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has disrupted our lives and changed our habits and even our views of the world. Our focus is to get through this whole situation without any harm to our people, to your families and to our business.

Earlier this week, I met virtually with 100 Sealed Air leaders to talk about this. I reminded them that the environment has shifted, but our purpose hasn’t changed. If anything, our purpose is even more clear.

Zero harm has always been our focus. This means staying out of harm’s way. We practice this every day in our plants, we clean in, we clean out. We need to bring this practice home with us now.

Our people working in plants have the most critical job right now. You are making it possible to provide packaging solutions for essentials like food, medicine and even COVID-19 test kits. E-commerce is making it possible to deliver these items and goods, in our SEE protective packaging items, to families around the world.

Thank you for doing what you do. Now more than ever our role is critical.

Our priority is to keep you safe, so you can continue this important work. We’ve taken many precautions in our plants and have instituted restricted access, increased cleaning measures and safe distance working.

Where they can, our people around the world are working remotely. We need each of you to take the best in class processes we use in our facilities everywhere home with you and to your family and friends.

Working remotely helps us further reduce the risk to our people in our plants and other operations, while still allowing us to serve our customers. As we practice social distancing and see each other less, we need to talk more.

We are also learning live from our teams in APAC and EMEA, where these challenges started weeks ago. Our friends in China are recovering (照顾自己), and Italy (stai attento) is in the middle of the storm right now.

Thank you to our teams who are proactively responding to this crisis and have gone to great lengths to keep all of our employees safe, informed and the business running. Adversity is bringing the power of One SEE together faster.

Despite the circumstances, people are coming together. I’m hearing stories from everywhere - China to Europe and now the U.S. In parts of Italy when the evening comes, people are putting candles in their windows as a sign of unity. They do this as a show of support for those putting their lives at risk to care for the sick and to deliver food to the quarantined.

In times like these, we need to be united, agile and resilient. Our team is already rising to the occasion and just as we have in the past, we prepare to hit the ground running when this starts to get better.

Please share your support for our colleagues and communities around the world in the comments below. Continue to reach out to your teammates and make sure they are okay. Again, in these isolated times, we need to communicate more. Most importantly, keep yourself out of harm’s way and stay safe.

Thank you,

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