Breaking down the invoice: Why Preventative Maintenance Agreements are important to you!

Service Technician working on a bagging machineAs with most purchases, there can be endless amounts of additions to an invoice that appear frivolous and oftentimes aren’t easily understood.  One that stands out from the crowd is a Preventive Maintenance Agreement (PMA).

The PMA is a “check-up” on your machine.  The purpose of the “check-up” is to extend the useful life of your equipment by proactively replacing common wear parts, making it a better investment for you by increasing productivity and profitability.  Each agreement is based on the needs of the buyer, but typically includes 2-4 visits/year from factory certified technicians.  

Without a PMA and regularly scheduled “check-ups,” the equipment begins to run less efficiently. Changes to the machine’s configuration over time, the environment the equipment runs in, and long run times all play a role in how the machine operates.

A few important benefits you can expect are: reduced unplanned down times, lower chance of catastrophic failures, longer run times, reduced unplanned expenditures, and longer life and improved efficiency. 

The PMA should begin immediately upon receiving the equipment, and is typically renewed on a year-to-year basis.  Along with replacing or updating wear parts and other parts that are necessary; the PMA includes operator and maintenance training for your employees.  They will be trained by the same factory certified technicians that service your equipment.

Oftentimes businesses find themselves facing corrective action with a piece of equipment that has already broken down.  Wouldn’t you rather take preventative action so the risk of these unplanned breakdowns are minimized? 

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