Custom Engineering & Integrated Systems

For over 50 years, Automated Packaging Systems has manufactured a wide range of bag packaging systems designed to improve the productivity of the packaging operation.

Many applications are unique, however, and often the absolute best productivity is achieved with an integrated bagger or custom engineered packaging system.

Automated Packaging Systems has a dedicated team of mechanical, electrical and software engineers focused solely on the design and manufacture of custom baggers and bagging systems. This Custom Engineering and Integration Department offers years of ongoing application engineering experience. We help customers with dozens of custom designed packaging systems each year, and can help to create a unique packaging solution for your specific application, as well.

We can modify existing packaging equipment, integrate multiple third party products, and also design a custom engineered packaging system from the ground up, depending on the best solution for your individual needs. From concept to completion, our team works with you to evaluate every component of the packaging line, including the machinery, bag materials and support services that are needed for optimum performance. In most cases, the productivity improvements we can offer are so great, that the return on investment (ROI) for these custom bagging solutions is less than one year.

Every custom engineered packaging system is backed by the full strength and support of Automated Packaging Systems’ field service engineering organization, which is the largest and most experienced in the industry.

We solve unique packaging needs and we service everything we sell.