Autobag® Inline Parceling Solutions

Automated Packaging Systems offers several innovative inline automation solutions that increase packing productivity, reduce labor, and minimize direct costs associated with dimensional weight.  These systems utilize materials that are How2Recycle compliant for customers looking to improve their sustainability profile. 

Integration with your existing WMS system is easy and our exclusive Accelerator software is available to further speed up the packing process by minimizing the time needed to induct a shipping label. 

To help ensure success, a Customer Technical Expert (CTE) will work closely with you to understand your unique process and product mix.  Built on field-proven designs, these systems offer maximum uptime and are backed by the largest Technical and Field Service Organization in the industry.  We stand behind every installation 100%.


StealthWrap opaque filmStealthWrap® Ultra Durable Cartoning Solution

  • Increase throughput velocity - automated parcel-ready solution that's up to 20 times faster than cartons
  • Reduce freight cost - save as much as 18% in billable weight costs
  • UPS Network Approved
  • Patented, 25-layered film is fully opaque for discreet concealment
  • How2Recycle in-store drop-off certification


FloWrap Automated Mailer System


FloWrap® Automated Mailer System

  • Flexible protection fast - creates ready-to-ship, custom-sized polybag mailers up to 30 packs per minute  
  • Less labor required with time-saving automated features
  • Right-sized automatically to the length and height of each order



PriorityPak Automated Mailer System

PriorityPak® Automated Mailer System

  • High-speed solution that encapsulates products in a custom package 
  • Increases throughput, labor savings and shipping costs
  • PriorityWrap® Rigid Board is 100% curbside recyclable