Bag Packaging for Electronics

Complete packaging solutions for computer hardware, industrial electronic components and retail electronics

Bag Packaging for Electronics

Consumer demand for electronic devices is unprecedented as the population’s reliance on gadgets to do everything from monitoring fitness levels to starting the car to whole-house remote monitoring grows. 

Whether you’re manufacturing electrical components or finished electronic goods, our wide range of packaging solutions offers the reliability and flexibility you need to keep pace with an evolving and high demand product line. Our products include machinery that’s easy to operate and maintain, as well as a long list of bag materials to protect and display your products. 

A few products that our electronics customers are packaging today:

  • Computer hardware and accessories 
  • Industrial electronic components 
  • Electronic devices and accessories 
  • DIY electrical 
  • Spare parts and kits

Bag Packaging Machinery

Flexible, reliable systems with a small footprint and big payback

Our Autobag® and SidePouch® lineup of packaging machinery includes tabletop models for low- to mid-volume applications through high productivity equipment for larger operations; all engineered for seamless integration into your existing production line. Most customers realize a return on investment of less than a year, and an increase in capacity that enables them package more product with fewer operators. 

Every application is unique, so we’ve designed a range of features that reduce labor, speed productivity, and save money, such as

  • Easy to learn and operate with intuitive touch screen controls
  • Job storage and recall for fast changeover
  • Inline imprinters for product identification, date codes, lot codes, etc. 
  • Small footprint to free-up valuable production space
  • Integrated infeeds for counting, weighing, kitting and conveying 

Bag Packaging Film

High-quality film that meets the needs of the electronics industry

Genuine Autobag and SidePouch bags are available in a wide range of materials, sizes and colors for unique applications in the electronics market. Several high strength films offer the durability needed to hold heavy parts and kits, while others offer superior static and environmental protection and other performance characteristics required for certain electronic products. Our vast line of bag material features includes: 

  • Static dissipative films
  • High clarity retail film 
  • Scratch resistance
  • Tear resistance
  • Laminations
  • UV and moisture protection
  • Mil Spec film
  • High strength films

See our full line of Films by Type for all our available materials or Contact Us for more information. 

Bag Features

Durable poly bags with available custom printing and other special features for branding and product identification

Whether you need to package small, large or oddly shaped items, our preformed bags are made to fit, and require no cold sealing. From circuit boards and cell phones to cables and switches, we have the perfect solution for your product. 

  • Bag sizes from 2” x 2” to 22” x 36”
  • Custom printed bags in up to 10-colors for maximum shelf appeal
  • Reclosable zippers, hanger holes, compartments, etc.
  • Large inventory of In Stock Bags for easy ordering and fast delivery


Customer service representativesOur interest in your success goes far beyond the sale. We believe in providing our customers with world-class support services so they can achieve and maintain peak packaging performance. We partner with you to solve your packaging problems and keep up with changing demands. Our factory-trained and direct support services include:

  • Custom Engineering and Integration
  • Product Applications Testing
  • Bag Graphics Design Support
  • Customer Service Support
  • Technical Phone Support
  • Factory Service
  • Field Service Engineers
  • Customer Maintenance Training
  • Customizable Preventive Maintenance Agreements
  • Financing and Payment Options
  • Custom loyalty rewards with our Systems Advantage™ program

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Using Autobag equipment and system-matched bags-on-a-roll meant less material scrap, reduction in resources, improved productivity and reduced processing time. ~ M.H., Continuous Improvements Manager

Dun-Bri Group deploys Autobag® PS 125™ desktop bagger to meet growing demand.
Case Study

Dun-Bri Group deploys Autobag<sup>®</sup> PS 125™ desktop bagger to meet growing demand.

Dun-Bri Group invested in its first Autobag packaging system in April 2014, stepping up from hand bagging to meet the demands of a rapidly growing business.

Dun-Bri Group, Britain’s only specialist commercial vehicle lighting company, is based in Hertfordshire, England. It distributes more than 8,000 lines including warning beacons, lightbars, auto-electrical products, commercial spares, vehicle lamps and more, assembling and supplying parts, kits and complete units from its 13,000ft2 purpose-built warehouse. Read More...