Food Packaging Solutions

Versatile food packaging solutions with bag packaging machines that are easy to clean and sanitize, utilizing food grade poly bags for fresh, frozen, snack foods and much more.

Automated Food Bag Packaging Solutions

Walk down the aisles of any grocery store, and it’s easy to see the increasing popularity of using bags and stand-up pouches for food packaging. There are many advantages to bag packaging including lower material costs, decreased labor, production and shipping costs, plus ease of operation and sanitation benefits. Flexible food packaging also allows for more product to be stored on shelves, and offers the consumer a convenient and fresh experience with resealable bags.

Automated Packaging Systems can make your products stand out from the competition with custom branded packaging in up to 10-colors. Our graphics, art and imaging team can help you develop a one-of-a-kind bag design to display your brand and catch your customers’ attention. 

Sanitation is crucial in food packaging and we have the machine and material certifications to ensure your products are presented in the best possible way to your customers. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality bag packaging products available. Visit our Quality Page to see our Food Safety and other certifications and quality standards.

A few of the food products that our customers are packaging today include:

  • Frozen and IQF food products
  • Meat, poultry, fish and meat by-products
  • Fresh and dried pastas
  • Fresh and frozen snack foods
  • Produce and vegetables
  • Ready-to-eat products (RTE)
  • School lunch programs

Bag Packaging Machinery

Quick product changeover, high performance, and easy breakdown for cleaning and sanitation

Highly customizable, modular bag packaging systems improve productivity by integrating with your existing processes and optimizing your entire packaging line. We have the specialized machinery solution for your unique food packaging production needs. Our machines are flexible, affordable, simple to learn and operate, and easily taken apart for cleaning and sanitation. 

Our USDA accepted FAS SPrint Revolution™ SidePouch® Food Grade Bagging System offers a wide range of features that will reduce your labor, speed productivity, save money and streamline your food packaging operation. 

  • Unmatched flexibility with the ability to run stand-up pouches and unsupported structures on the same system with no tooling changes
  • Incredibly fast changeover (less than 5 minutes) between different size and pouch formats
  • Hand load using up to three operators; or communicate with up to two infeed devices at no additional cost
  • Straightforward, open design with no complex mechanical assemblies simplifies maintenance and improves sanitation
  • Small footprint, particularly for stand-up pouches
  • Comes standard with casters and can be easily moved
  • Standard Allen Bradley® control package 

Bag Packaging Film

Food certified, high quality poly materials with special characteristics for food packaging

Food spray Genuine SidePouch® bags are available in a wide range of materials and sizes for unique applications in the food market. Several unique films offer durability, visibility and other performance characteristics needed for food safety, freshness and retail display. Our vast line of bag material features includes:

  • Low / High MVTR and OTR films
  • Waterproof / Greaseproof films
  • Cook-in bags
  • Anti-fog bags
  • High-barrier co-ex
  • Frozen environment film
  • Standard poly

See our full line of Films by Type for all our available materials or Contact Us for more information. 

Bag Features

Custom bag solutions from easy storage features to eye catching printed graphics

From custom bag graphics to convenient food storage bag features, our preformed bags are made to accommodate any food application you may have. Whether you need to package fresh, refrigerated, frozen or snack foods, we have the perfect solution for your product. 

  • Pre-printing in up to 10-colors
  • Lamination
  • Matte or gloss finish 
  • Stand-up pouches or standard bags
  • Reclosable zippers
  • Air holes for fresh produce breathability
  • Easy-open and tamper-evident perforations
  • Hanger holes for storage on retail displays


Customer service representatives Our interest in your success goes far beyond the sale. We believe in providing our customers with world-class support services so they can achieve and maintain peak packaging performance. We partner with you to solve your packaging problems and keep up with changing demands. Our factory-trained and direct support services include:

  • Custom Engineering and Integration
  • Product Applications Testing
  • Bag Graphics Design Support
  • Customer Service Support
  • Technical Phone Support
  • Factory Service
  • Field Service Engineers
  • Customer Maintenance Training
  • Customizable Preventive Maintenance Agreements
  • Financing and Payment Options
  • Custom loyalty rewards with our Systems Advantage™ program

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Now, it’s easy for us. We put the fruit or vegetable on the table, the machine opens the bags, the food goes into the bag and it counts down by itself. ~BP, General Manager

Fresno Produce Grows Its School Lunch Business with Faster Packaging Process
Case Study

Fresno Produce Grows Its School Lunch Business with Faster Packaging Process

Fruit and vegetable supplier was first to use FAS SPrint SidePouch® bagger.
Fresno Produce Inc. of Fresno, California, solved a huge food packaging problem by being the first in line to use the FAS SPrint bagger to package individual servings of fruits and vegetables for the Fresno Unified School District. The FAS SPrint enables the company to package up to 30,000 bags per day and has improved Fresno’s efficiency so much that they have won contracts from two other school districts in the area.
Previous Packaging Method
Fresno Produce supplies the school district with pre-packaged fruits and vegetables for their school lunch program. They originally bagged these items by hand using Ziploc® bags, an operation requiring up to 20 workers. Fresno knew that to maintain this business and possibly grow it, they needed to automate the process, and they initially purchased a rebuilt Autobag® H-100D bagger. They needed some help to get the bagger up and running, so they called our northern California salesman, Bart Johnson for help.  Read More...