Healthcare and Medical Device Bag Packaging Solutions

High speed machinery and durable sterile poly materials for healthcare and medical device bag packaging.

Healthcare and Medical Device Bag Packaging Solutions

Automated Packaging Systems works with some of the leading medical device and supplies manufacturers to package a variety of DME and other medical products that require protective covering, product identification, and gamma sterilization.  

We understand the critical need for contaminant-free packaging, and our manufacturing facilities follow a Quality Management System that is certified to ISO 9001, in addition to meeting annual inspections for sanitation and maintenance by the American Institute of Baking (AIB) Consolidated Standards for Food Contact Packaging Manufacturing Facilities. Visit our Quality Page to see our certifications and quality standards. 

A few of the healthcare and medical device products our customers are packaging today include:

  • Retail healthcare (first aid, dental flossers, etc.)
  • Medical devices (syringes, tubing, urological supplies, specula, etc.)
  • Durable medical equipment (glucose monitors and supplies) 
  • Eye care (lenses and eyewear)
  • Unit dose packaging

For mail order pharmaceutical fulfillment, our selection of packaging systems and mailbag materials is second to none. Visit our Pharmaceutical Fulfillment page to learn more about our solutions.

Bag Packaging Machinery

Flexible, high performance bag packaging with inline printing, counting and kitting

Our Autobag® and SidePouch® bag packaging systems improve productivity and increase capacity by integrating with your existing production line and automating the packaging process. Whether your application is best suited to a low to mid-volume tabletop model, or to a high-speed, custom packaging system, we have a solution for your operation. 

Every system we manufacture is built for flexibility and ease of use. With a wide range of machine accessories to choose from, including printing, counting, weighing, conveying and kitting, our systems are designed to improve throughput and efficiency. 

Other machinery features include

  • Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic loading
  • Integrated imprinters that eliminate the need for separate labeling
  • Job storage for fast and easy bag and product changeover
  • Small footprint to free-up valuable production space
  • Accurate product counting, weighing and conveying
  • Fully-washdown, stainless steel construction certified by the USDA (FAS SPrint Revolution)

Bag Packaging Film

High-quality, durable poly materials with characteristics for healthcare product packaging

We manufacture our own films in plants that meet tough quality and sanitation standards, and offer a wide range of materials for unique applications in the healthcare market. Several unique films offer durability, visibility, sterilization and other performance characteristics needed for medical safety and convenience. Our vast line of bag material features includes: 

  • PolyCleanblend with no slip agents or other additives and high permeability
  • Scratch resistant films to protect delicate contents
  • UV, moisture, corrosion and scratch resistant films
  • Highly printable films that ensure quality labels that don’t peel or smear
  • High clarity films for retail applications
  • Laminations to protect printed instructions and product identification

See our full line of Films by Type for all our available materials or Contact Us for more information. 

Bag Features

Flexible poly bags in a variety of sizes that can be gamma sterilized for medical devices, supplies and kits

System-matched Autobag and SidePouch bags offer heavy duty construction and direct-to-bag label printing to distinguish your branding against knock-offs, categorize, and display government mandated medical information. Our superior line of bag materials includes these features. 

  • Special closures, such as reclosable zippers, resealable flaps, reinforced headers, tamper evident perforations, and more
  • Gamma sterilization-ready bags 
  • Dust-free, plastic sideplates available
  • Printable in up to 10-colors so your retail products stand-out from the crowd
  • Large inventory of In Stock Bags for easy ordering and fast delivery


Customer service representativesOur interest in your success goes far beyond the sale. We believe in providing our customers with world-class support services so they can achieve and maintain peak packaging performance. We partner with you to solve your packaging problems and keep up with changing demands. Our factory-trained and direct support services include:

  • Custom Engineering and Integration
  • Product Applications Testing
  • Bag Graphics Design Support
  • Customer Service Support
  • Technical Phone Support
  • Factory Service
  • Field Service Engineers
  • Customer Maintenance Training
  • Customizable Preventive Maintenance Agreements
  • Financing and Payment Options
  • Custom loyalty rewards with our Systems Advantage™ program

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Initially, we expected to double our manual output, but our production people worked with Automated Packaging Systems to integrate some additional software and improve efficiency with the Sprint bagger to a point where I think we're running at optimum capacity now. Everyone here is simply astonished with the results [output increased by 470%]. ~ S.S., Production Manager