AutoLabel™ Designer 22
Design, Manage and Print Labels with Ease

AutoLabel Designer 22 is a user-friendly label design and printing software that enables customers to create custom bag labels with high-resolution bar codes, text and graphics.

This label design software supports over 70 bar code symbologies, True Type fonts, and more than 1000 thermal and laser imprinters, providing the flexibility to handle all of your label design and printing applications.

AutoLabel 22 Silver, Gold and Gold Multi-User versions each offer a variety of features to make inline label creation and management easy. Use our AutoLabel Selector Guide to determine which version is right for your operation. Our AutoLabel Compatibility Guide displays current and previous versions of AutoLabel Software and their compatibility with different Windows® Operating Systems.

AutoLabel 22 incorporates OLE object support (embedded Word files, Excel files, etc.) to move data from native applications to front end label production. Enhanced database connectivity enables networked label sharing and printing. AutoLabel design software also includes functionality to meet many compliance labeling requirements.

AutoLabel Designer 22 is system-matched for use with Autobag® Thermal Transfer Imprinters and Print-n-Pack™ systems, and can be used for remote demand label operations, as well. 

User Benefits:

  • Easy to use software has design templates for fast and easy label creation and printing
  • Manage a complete label printing operation from a single program
  • Design and print labels with high-resolution bar codes, text and graphic images
  • Software supports many graphic and imprinter standards

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AutoLabel Selector Guide
AutoLabel Designer 22 Software Kit Part Numbers Guide
AutoLabel System Requirements
AutoLabel Designer 22 Network Utilities
AutoLabel 22 Print Drivers
AutoLabel 500P/600P/3000P Printer Drivers for 3rd Party Label Software**

Need to reload an earlier version of our AutoLabel software? Visit our Technical Phone Support page for more information.

*AutoLabel Demos are valid for 30 days from date of installation.

**While our line of AutoLabel 500P/600P/3000P thermal transfer printers may support the use of third party label software, our ability to support third part label software may be limited.  For complete technical support, we highly recommend the use of the most current version of genuine AutoLabel Software.
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