Machinery Data Sheets

Automated Packaging Systems provides our customers with access to in-depth information on our packaging systems to ensure the best fit for your operation. 

Use the downloads below to gather information on machine dimensions, weight, accessories, basic operation and more.


Technical Data Sheet
Autobag® 500 Bagging System
Autobag® 550 Bagging System
Autobag® 600 Wide Bagging System
Autobag® 650 Wide Bagging System
Autobag® 600 Horizontal Wide Bagging System
Autobag® 650 Horizontal Wide Bagging System
Autobag® 800S Wide Bagging System
Autobag® 850S Mail Order Fulfillment System
Autobag® PaceSetter PS 125 Tabletop Baggers
Autofulfillment SPrint Bagging System
Autobag® Ergocon Textile Packaging System
FAS SPrint Revolution SidePouch® Food Bagger
Script Pack SPrint Automated Fulfillment Machine
SPrint SidePouch® Bagger
Technical Data Sheet
Autobag® Accu-Count 200® Counter
Autobag® Accu-Scale® 220 Scale
Autobag® Kit-Veyor® System
Autobag® Maximizer Conveyor
Technical Data Sheet
AutoLabel 500P Thermal Transfer Printer
AutoLabel 600P Thermal Transfer Printer
Technical Data Sheet
AirPouch® 600 Protective Packaging System

Features, Options and Technical Specifications subject to change.