Autobag®, SidePouch® and AirPouch® Stock Bags and Protective Packaging

Automated Packaging Systems stocks over 100 million of the most popular bags and protective packaging products for fast delivery to your location. See the full list of in-stock options below. 

To learn about our entire selection of material types, including custom, made-to-order bags, visit our Films by Type page.


Autobag Bags Stock List
AirPouch Protective Packaging Stock List

If you need a specific bag material type, see our Films by Type page for a list of all offered poly bag films

Please call us at 1-800-527-0733 or contact Customer Service with any questions, or to place a stock bag order.

Delivery of high volume stock bag orders may differ from the normal Tier 1 and 2 stock bag lead times. Please contact your Automated Packaging Systems representative for details.

Features, Options and Technical Specifications subject to change.