Automated Packaging Systems Acquires Ergocon Solutions, Adds Textile Inspection and Packaging to its Product Line

 Autobag Ergocon Textile Packaging System

Automated Packaging Systems Acquires Ergocon Solutions Adds Textile Inspection and Packaging to its Product Line

STREETSBORO, OH – Automated Packaging Systems, the world leader in high-reliability bagging systems, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Ergocon Solutions, a leading provider of ergonomically considerate textile packaging solutions. Ergocon is an innovator in designing and manufacturing automated textile inspection and packaging systems for professional laundry applications that include bar, shop, utility and microfiber towels, plus washcloths, pillow slips, gloves, mops and more. With this company acquisition, Automated Packaging Systems expands and improves its product line for the industrial laundry segment, and supports its customers with the largest field service network in the industry. 

Automated Packaging Systems will continue to support existing Ergocon customers with full access to technical support, customer service, spare parts, and bag packaging materials. As part of the acquisition, engineers from both companies have worked together to enhance this field-proven system, now called the “Autobag® Ergocon Textile Packaging System™.” This new system offers easier loading capabilities, new custom alarm options, versatility in the operating software, and output ports that can be synchronized to third-party monitoring software. The Autobag Ergocon Textile Packaging System uses an automatic feeder, fully integrated with an Autobag AB 255™ wide bagger, to inspect and package up to 7,000 towels per hour.

Laundered items are automatically fed from a large load bin to a pick conveyor for separation and easy inspection. Items that do not meet grade can be easily rejected, without the need to pick through and handle every item. After inspection, towels pass through a counting eye and are automatically delivered to an open bag at the Autobag AB 255 bagger. Once the pre-determined count is reached, the bag is automatically sealed and dropped into a takeaway conveyor for distribution, while the next bag is automatically pre-opened. An accumulation gate enables this continuous operation, and the pace of production is determined by the system, rather than the operator. 

Ergocon’s unique experience in the textile laundry market, combined with Automated Packaging’s strong engineering and service teams, will give customers a textile packaging system with unique production efficiencies and a fast return on investment. 

Cliff Brehm, President of Automated Packaging Systems says, “We have worked closely with Ergocon and its customers, providing state-of-the-art baggers and preformed bags for the overall solution. With this acquisition, we see an opportunity to expand our product line to meet the unique needs of the professionally laundry market, in North America and internationally. We are committed to delivering solutions that improve productivity and reduce costs for our customers.”

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