Automated Packaging Systems Introduces New Laminated Autobag® Bags-on-a-Roll and SidePouch® Anti-Fog Specialty Bags

Automated Packaging Systems new high-performance bag

Automated Packaging Systems Introduces New Laminated Autobag® Bags-on-a-Roll and SidePouch® Anti-Fog Specialty Bags

STREETSBORO, OH – Automated Packaging Systems has introduced two new high-performance bag packaging materials for the company’s line of Autobag® and SidePouch® systems. These newly engineered materials are manufactured to the highest quality specification to ensure consistency and guaranteed operation on Automated Packaging Systems’ equipment.

New Autobag and SidePouch laminated bags provide a high-gloss finish for maximum brand impact and superior retail shelf appeal. These bags meld 48 gauge polyester (PET) to a clear or white LLDPE sealant layer that can be pre-printed in up to ten colors including PMS and metallic inks. Lamination protects the printing between the layers of film, guarding it from abrasion and enhancing color and sheen. Laminated films provide excellent stiffness and easy tearing properties frequently found in stand-up pouches and high-end retail packaging.

New SidePouch Anti-Fog film is engineered for clarity in fresh produce applications where product respiration creates condensation inside the bag. Anti-Fog low-density polyethylene film features a special additive that reduces the film’s surface tension, spreading moisture into a thin sheet, eliminating fog and improving product visibility. Anti-Fog bags are compatible with inline imprinters for lot-/date-codes, can be pre-printed in up to nine colors, and are available with reclosable zippers.

The new laminated and anti-fog materials will be on display in Booth C-914 at Pack Expo, September 23 – 25 in Las Vegas.

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