Automated Packaging Systems Introduces Three New AirPouch® FastWrap Materials for On-Demand Protective Packaging

Automated Packaging Systems New 24-inch wide FastWrap material

Automated Packaging Systems Introduces Three New AirPouch® FastWrap Materials for On-Demand Protective Packaging

STREETSBORO, OH – Automated Packaging Systems has introduced three new materials for the AirPouch® FastWrap protective packaging system, which produces cellular cushioning wrap and air-filled tubes on demand. This portable, benchtop unit reduces the storage and shipping costs of large, bulky rolls of pre-filled protective wrapping material by producing the material as needed at the packing station.

New 24-inch wide FastWrap material is now available for wrapping and protecting extra-large products. This material features the exclusive channel-filled honeycomb design found only in AirPouch products, which allows multi-directional wrapping and improved product protection. 24-inch FastWrap is available in both standard LLDPE and EarthAware™ Biodegradable blend. One small box of pre-formed 24-inch AirPouch FastWrap provides 1,029 feet of protective wrapping material once inflated.

New AirPouch FastWrap Anti-Static bubble on demand is engineered to protect products that may be harmed by static discharge, such as electrical and electronic components. This linear low-density polyethylene material is amine free and compatible with silver solder and polycarbonate materials. A special formulation dissipates static buildup and protects components during shipping and handling. FastWrap Anti-Static is tinted pink for easy identification.

New AirPouch FastWrap HD film provides superior strength and durability for demanding protective packaging applications. This high performance wrapping material provides exceptional barrier properties for heavy or fragile products with long or irregular shipping cycles. FastWrap HD features long lasting air retention and meets the requirements of Federal Specifications PPP-C-795D and CID A-A549.

“We’re excited to add these much-anticipated new products to our AirPouch family of protective packing materials,” states Chris Rempe, Product Management Director. “By introducing FastWrap 24-inch, FastWrap HD, and FastWrap Anti-Static bubble-on-demand products, we are now able to provide more customers with even more high quality shipping solutions.”

The new FastWrap protective packing materials will be on display in Booth C-914 at Pack Expo, September 23 – 25 in Las Vegas.

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New AirPouch® FastWrap™ films include 24-inch wide, Anti-Static and HD cellular cushioning materials for protective packing applications.

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