Automated Packaging Systems Partners with Ergocon Solutions to Introduce a New Towel Inspection and Packaging System

 Autobag Ergocon Textile Packaging System

Automated Packaging Systems Partners with Ergocon Solutions to Introduce a New Towel Inspection and Packaging System

STREETSBORO, OH – Automated Packaging Systems, the world leader in high-reliability bag packaging systems, has partnered with Ergocon Solutions to present a fully integrated towel inspection and packaging system for the textile service industry. Ergocon has designed and manufactured a towel inspection and packaging system that works with an Autobag® AB 255 wide bagger to package up to 7000 towels per hour.

This new Ergocon Towel Inspection and Packaging System is designed for high productivity bagging of cleaned bar, shop and microfiber towels, as well as washcloths, gloves and other industrial laundered items. The Ergocon System uses its automatic feed system to set the pace of production so that daily output is more predictable than systems hand-fed by an operator. The automatic feed system paired with the optional Laser Level Control, for the first time ever, makes it possible to bag towels without an operator when inspection is not required. Variable speed controls enable the system to run fast for high-production rates, or slower for items that require more stringent inspection.

Overview of Operation: The bulk feed bin can hold up to 240 pounds and is just 34 inches high for easy loading by hand, sling or lift table. Operators observe a continuous flow of towels as they come across an inspection conveyor, easily removing any that should be rejected. After inspection, towels pass across a counting eye and then into a pre-opened bag, where the Autobag AB 255 automatically seals the bag when the final count is reached. The Autobag system simultaneously delivers the bagged towels to a takeaway conveyor for distribution, while automatically opening and staging the next bag for packaging. During the bag cycling process, the system continues to deliver towels to the inspection work station where the operator works without interruption. An operator-friendly touch screen control panel makes it easy to move between up to 14 different programs for various products and counts.

“Automated Packaging Systems has partnered with Ergocon Solutions because of their unique engineering excellence and experience in the industrial laundry market,” explains Chris Rempe, Director of Product Management. “The return on investment for this system is quite favorable due to increased productivity and minimized labor costs.”

Alex Donovan, General Manager for Ergocon Solutions claims, “The Ergocon Towel Inspection and Packaging System is the textile rental industry’s fastest and most cost-effective solution for inspecting, counting and packaging towels and many other laundered products. We are delighted to pair our system with Automated Packaging’s AB 255 Wide Bagger and the national field service team that goes with it.”

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