FAS SPrint Revolution Bagging System is Designed for High Speed Food Packaging Applications

FAS SPrint Revolution for use in food packaging applications

FAS SPrint Revolution Bagging System is Designed for High Speed Food Packaging Applications

Automated Packaging Systems, the world leader in high-reliability bag packaging systems, has introduced the SidePouch® FAS SPrint Revolution Bagging System in Mexico. The FAS SPrint Revolution presents a conveyor of pre-opened bags that are ready for immediate loading from a 152 cm wide workspace. The loading speed is fully adjustable to optimize productivity for one or more operators or infeeds. The system operates in continuous, intermittent or batch modes, and cycles on pre-set parameters or by using a foot switch. This system is fast, operating at speeds exceeding 2200 cm per minute, with fast changeover of bag sizes.

The FAS SPrint Revolution has been specifically designed for use in food packaging applications where it is in contact with moisture, oils, chemicals and foods in areas that require daily washdown procedures. Its stainless steel construction and 90 degree tilting load area make the FAS SPrint Revolution easy to clean. This rugged system rests on casters for mobility on the production floor and incorporates corrosion-resistant materials and NEMA 4X electronics protection to ensure safe and reliable operation. 

This bag packaging system is ergonomically designed so an operator can stand in front of a horizontal row of pre-opened bags that are moving along a variable speed conveyor. A new, larger pass-through area of 15 cm allows a wide range of bulk and portion pack food items to be easily loaded, including fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen foods, and snacks. A washdown-compatible imprinter is available for inline printing of barcodes and date codes. 

The FAS SPrint Revolution includes an automated wide-band sealing operation that provides complete control over time, temperature and pressure for high-integrity seals that are airtight. The sealing operation is fully automatic and continuous at the end of the loading area. Once sealed, bags can be dispensed into a container or transported via conveyor to a separate loading area for bulk packaging. The sealer has been specifically designed for fast and easy maintenance.

The AutoTouch™ Control Software displays on-board system diagnostics, real time productivity data, and stores job setup parameters for up to 25 jobs for fast recall. Product changeovers are fast and easy with the new FAS SPrint Revolution.

Automated Packaging Systems also manufactures genuine SidePouch bags and stand-up pouches, which are available in a wide range of sizes and with a variety of special features, such as reclosable zippers, resealable flaps, reinforced headers, easy-open perforations, and tamper-evident seals. These system-matched bags come in several different materials that can be pre-printed with high-resolution graphics in up to 10 colors, text and barcodes – making them ideal for retail and wholesale food applications. 

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